Founded in 2012, The Dolce Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises funds from philanthropic individuals and corporations who do not have a specific benefactor in mind, but who support The Dolce Foundation’s core values.  These selfless donors entrust The Dolce Foundation to partner with other non-profits aligning values and leveraging experience and expertise to make the greatest overall difference.

The Dolce Foundation has three important core values: to promote and support higher education, to develop and maintain community sustainability programs, and to confront humane issues from disease to hunger.  We believe that these values are at the epicenter of today’s real world challenges and will lead to the betterment of tomorrow.

The word “Dolce” means sweet and gentle in Italian and it is the way that we proceed with our approach; with the utmost gentle care making sure we are doing what is best for our benefactors, our community, and our donors.

We strongly believe that corporate America shouldn’t manage foundations nor should a foundation be managed like a corporation.  We believe in having a small Board of Directors led by individuals with strong community ties and the objective of achieving the greatest contribution value possible.  These individuals work within the community closely with donors and well-established non-profits to expedite the decision making process to impact the greatest number of people.

It’s not about how you contribute, but how many lives your contribution affects.

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