11th Annual Sponsor a Turkey Drive


It’s that time of year again and we can’t thank everyone enough for your support in making this event so successful every year!  Now, entering the 11th year of this event, we have successfully fed more than 50,000 families over the past few holiday seasons! 

With that being said, we want this year’s Sponsor a Turkey Drive to be the biggest year yet.

Each turkey purchased will go to a local homeless shelter and food bank so that less fortunate families can share the holidays with a good meal as each of us have the opportunity to do.  

As you can imagine, inflation is hitting everyone hard and this year, including all of the families that we support.  In order to make sure we can feed the same amount of families, the donation to Sponsor a Turkey this year is $15.00 and you can sponsor as many as you’d like.  

We truly could not do it without your support.  Happy Holidays and enjoy spending time with your families! 

Sponsor a Turkey





Sponsor a Turkey Happy Holidays!

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